Footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic Now Has His Face on Swedish Money

Legendary Swedish striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who has his own search engine, has been honored again in his native Sweden by having his face printed on money.

Ibrahimovic now has his face plastered on a 1000 Swedish Krona note.

Including a textbook Ibrahimovic stare with a smaller version of the hit man celebrating a goal in the bottom corner.

The 1000 Swedish Krona note is the highest denomination in the Scandanavian country, The note is equivalent to £93 .

He posted this picture on Instagram tagged with the caption:

“You have Benjamin Franklin and you have me.”

Although the note is not legal tender and will not be used by Swedish members of the public from Malmo to Stockholm.

The design was created by photographer Bingo Rimer for the front man.

Ibrahimovic has previously be placed on a stamp in his international kit and has a statue
outside the country’s national stadium – the Friends Arena.

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